Our experience makes the difference!
Locis is an innovative service provider for software solutions within the CAD-, CAE and CAM world. Our extensive expertise in pre-processing of complex geometric data for numerical simulation (FE-. CFD-analysis), visualization, automated manufacturing and robotics, packed in innovative and efficient solutions is our guaranteed performance and robustness boost for your software products.

Our services cover the whole simulation software pipeline from modelling, pre-processing, solving and post-processing algorithms to develop best practice workflows, customer satisfaction, user experience and well-designed software architectures. Besides customized development and programming services we provide robust and highly performant software solutions, including geometric healing, geoemtry and product modelling, meshing and licensing tools as well as an innovative CAD and robotics frameworks as foundation for your own software visions.

We work diligently and in close partnership with our customers. Locis is Latin and stands for Spatial Experience. It was founded in June 2017 by Felix Frischmann.