Our IT, software and engineering services are focused on the field of geometric pre-processing, modelling, FEM mesh generation, numerical simulation and digital product design. We offer technical consulting, strategy planning, process and architecture analysis, engineering services and software solutions.

Sustainable growth through digitalization

We deeply believe that digitalization is one of the key components for a sustainable success and growth of our customers and partners. Thus, we drive for innovation in the IT and digital sector to provide our customers and partners with a solid, efficient and highly automated digital process throughout the entire product development, production and operation cycle. We strongly believe in engineering know-how boosted with digital solutions.

Services and Solutions

  • Consulting and training:
    • Technical consulting for digital product development and engineering
    • Due diligence analysis
    • Risk, complexity and sensitivity analysis
    • On-site and remote professional training
    • Knowledge platforms
  • Engineering solutions:
    • Engineering services for civil engineering, mechanical and aerospace applications
    • Numerical simulations in engineering
    • Digital engineering process optimization
    • Engineering project management
  • IT and digital solutions:
    • Development of digital strategies and concepts
    • Customized evaluation of digital tools and products
    • Set-up of digital IT infrastructures and architectures
    • Amazon aws cloud solutions