Felix Frischmann M.Sc.

Felix Frischmann

Founder & Managing Director
Felix Frischmann is one of the founders and managing director at Locis GmbH with a strong scientific, engineering and professional background in software architecture and software development on CAD-, CAE- and CAM-solutions.
With his academic background in civil engineering (B.Sc.) and computational mechanics (M.Sc.) he pursued scientific research at TUM, Munich, Germany in the field of FEM mesh generation and smooth coupling of pre-processing tools and numerical simulation. In the scope of a scientific-industrial cooperation, he maintained and developed actively the meshing tool SofiMshC of the SOFiSTiK AG. Therefor he implemented the mesh factory concept and symmetric meshing features.
Later, he worked as a freelancer in software development with his company ffr Engineering for customers like CADFEM GmbH and SOFiSTiK AG. The focus of his professional portfolio was in the field of CAD-, CAM- and CAE-software modules and product modelling for numerical simulation. Additionally, he developed actively open-source software tools like Rhino Rotorblade, PROP_DESIGN and forDat.

Dr. Christian Sorger

Founder & Managing Director
Christian Sorger is one of the founders and managing director at Locis GmbH and is working as a scientist, software developer, software architect and software product manager on CAD-, CAE- and CAM-solutions since 2004. Within his scientific background in mesh generation for high-order Finite-Element analysis he has elaborated several meshing algorithms for high-order tri-, quad-, tet- and hex-meshing, which became the meshing foundation of the meshing tool SofiMshC of the SOFiSTiK AG. Later he was part of the Ansys meshing team which was located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and developed and implemented the meshing strategy for the meshing platforms Ansys Workbench, Ansys AIM and Ansys SpaceClaim. Since 2016 Christian was freelancing on different projects within the CAD-, CAE- and CAM world and designed, implemented and managed the software Artist Studio of the Cevotec GmbH, a toolbox for automatizing Fiber Patch placement on complex geometries via robots.